Gepack presents new wine bottles in PET

Wine has been bottled in glass for a long, long time - it’s a practical, sanitary and useful medium. The wine can be introduced in the glass bottle and corked by the producer (“château bottling”) , ensuring that the wine remains unadulterated by middle-men or those wishing to sell a fraudulent product.  The glass bottle also provides a safe haven from oxidation and permits “ageing” in the bottle.  In short, glass and wine go hand in hand.

Well, almost.

Our world has changed.  Glass is expensive - it’s reusable and recyclable, but requires that consumers carry about heavy articles to drop spots which they often find to be a chore.  Also, glass shatters VERY easily, it’s a rigid substance with almost no give that can break with the slightest external pressure or explode due to slight changes in internal pressure.

PET provides the same sterile environment for wine.  Admittedly, due to lower barrier protection, “ageing” in a PET bottle is currently impossible, so the preference for vintage wine will probably always be glass but wine distributed in PET bottles is easier to transport, cheaper to produce, and easier for most consumers to recycle.  PET bottles are lighter and can be crushed to save space after use.  If the consumer wishes to throw a dinner party, a glass bottle of fine wine will always be indispensible, but there are many situations in which a PET bottle will be of immediate benefit - taking a bottle on a gourmet picnic to save on weight and possible breakage; enjoying a glass (responsibly, of course) with friends on the beach; deck parties, house parties or barbecues - anywhere a glass bottle might be easily dropped onto a hard surface and shattered.

Gepack’s PET bottles are just in time to provide real benefits to consumers and bottlers.  Made of thick PET with strong walls, they can withstand the high capsulation pressures required by wine bottling lines, meaning glass bottles can be swapped out immediately for PET without added costs related to reconfiguring machines.  Available in both Bordeaux and Burgundy styles, the new bottles can hold 187.5ml, 250ml and 375ml (used with screw neck PP25 for screw-on caps) or 500ml, 750ml and 1L (used with screw neck PP28 for screw-on caps or with corks).  The bottles are available in a range of traditional wine bottle colours and are virtually unbreakable.


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Gepack is a Portuguese Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) packaging manufacturer working in 4 main business areas - pharma & food supplements, personal care & cosmetics, food & beverage and household & consumer, they export throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.