Plastic containers from Gepack, with properties comparable to glass

There are some products that have just seemed to require glass packaging traditionally, but every day, that list gets shorter and shorter.  Many plastic manufacturers have spearheaded a movement to promote the benefits of modern plastic bottles and the reasons behind making a switch.

For Gepack, the switch is a no-brainer:

  1. Plastic is MUCH cheaper than glass.
  2. Low breakage and transport costs
  3. The quality of properly made PET bottles is similar to that of glass bottles.
  4. Barrier properties of thick PET is nearly comparable to glass these days.
  5. Modern PET is 100% recyclable!

The great thing about Gepack’s PET bottles is that most are thick and sturdy enough to replace glass bottles currently being produced without any need for major machine recalibration or upgrades.  That means glass can be replaced for plastic without additional costs -  with the strong likelihood of long-term savings.


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Gepack is a Portuguese Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) packaging manufacturer working in 4 main business areas - pharma & food supplements, personal care & cosmetics, food & beverage and household & consumer, they export throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.