New anti-moisture barrier containers from Gepack

Gepack, the well-known Portuguese provider of PET containers and closures specializing in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage sectors, has just released new ranges featuring high-barrier, anti-moisture products that can obviate the use of desiccants.

The new container possibilities feature high barrier properties that are proof against CO2, O2 and H20 infiltration.  Better yet, the containers don’t require the use of common desiccants to absorb invading gasses - the containers themselves possess enough barrier protection to filter common atmospheric gasses, including the ones already mentioned.

Available in a wide variety of colours, from 75ml up to 500ml, Gepack also manufactures the temper-evident caps that include induction or press sensitive opercula to further reduce any loss of aroma.  This integral solution, comprising bottle + cap, manufactured by GEPACK in one specific process, has a very attractive price compared with glass.

With regard to swapping out PET for glass, all of Gepack’s high-barrier containers are made of thick PET capable of not only withstanding the fill pressure required for glass containers, but of providing the consumer with a container that has a strong, solid feel to it comparable to glass.

Not to mention that the price per unit of the PET bottles is HIGHLY competitive compared to glass.


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Gepack is a Portuguese Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) packaging manufacturer working in 4 main business areas - pharma & food supplements, personal care & cosmetics, food & beverage and household & consumer, they export throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.