PET Narrow Neck Bottles

Alpha manufactures many styles of narrow neck bottles in polyethylene terephthalate (PET, or PETE; Recycle Code #1), a clear, shatterproof and recyclable plastic resin. It also accepts colorants well for transparent, translucent and opaque effects.

Narrow neck bottles from Alpha have neck sizes ranging from 15mm to 28mm. Each bottle style features a relatively small neck diameter that is best-suited for liquids and lotions.

PET Boston RoundsPET Vale Ovals PET Squat Boston Rounds
PET Boston Rounds
PET Vale Ovals
PET Squat Boston Rounds
PET Modern RoundsPET Slim CylindersPET Capri Ovals
PET Modern Rounds
PET Slim Cylinders
PET Capri Ovals
PET CylindersPET Barolo CylindersPET Cosmo Rounds
PET Cylinders
PET Barolo Cylinders
PET Cosmo Rounds
PET Tapered OblongsPET Rio Fluted RoundsPET Vanity Flair Bottle
PET Tapered Oblongs
PET Rio Fluted Rounds
PET Vanity Flair Bottle
PET Regent Bell RoundsPET TombstonePET Indented Rectangle
PET Regent Bell Rounds
PET Tombstone
PET Indented Rectangle
PET Squat Amenity Oblong  
PET Squat Amenity Oblong

Alpha Packaging

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