TV Valves

Continuous actuation tilt-action valves for upright use, for products pressurized with compressed gas. A semi-capillary dip tube is utilized.

Product Information
Recommended for products filled with compressed gas (CO2, N2O, N2, air).
The valve is equipped with a special housing that can increase the speed and diffusion of the
propellant inside the solution, in order to reduce the initial pressure peak during the filling stage.
The use of the IFS (Impact Filling System) with these valves increases the gas solubility into
the liquid phase.
The dip tube is semi-capillary, and it is inserted inside the mounting tang.

Dispenser Specification
Dispenser Sub TypeValve - Continuous
Dispenser Neck Specification
Closure MethodsCrimp - On
Additional Information
Standard Actuators:

SERIES 600: versions without insert,
with micromist insert and tube.
It can be supplied mounted on the valve.

SERIES 400 VERTICAL: with vertical
spray; versions without insert
and with micromist insert.


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