Auto-lipsticks from FS Korea - No caps required

For decades, lipsticks have generally comprised two pieces: a primary product holder, featuring a twist or push dispensing system and a cap to ensure accidental twisting couldn't result in accidents.  FS Korea has completely redesigned the lipstick concept by introducing auto-lipsticks, containers that require no cap to ensure product integrity and work using the same twist motion as traditional lipsticks.

The elegant motion and flawless operation of the auto-lipsticks ensures smooth usage every single time.  The mechanism is extremely simple.  Twisting the container opens the top retaining trap, while another twist extends the product, like a traditional.  The key is to ensure only the entire assembly comes in one simple pieces.  No lost lipstick tops, no possibility for the cap to come off in a purse or bag, no extra length required to house the product, making the auto-lipstick one of the most compact and user-friendly lipstick containers on the market.

Made of tough and durable plastic, the containers can be finished with a variety of  decoration options to enhance shelf appeal, though the spotlight features on this product have to be novelty, functionality, and elegance.

FS Korea

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FS Korea, headquartered in Seoul, provides packaging solutions to the international cosmetic market.