FS Korea's new spinning powder jar

FS Korea once again refuses to disappoint the cosmetic market with its new spinning powder jar, a round powder container with a built in brush that spins to provide access to the applicator which can be popped out, used, then replaced and spun shut for an extraordinarily handy product that's as elegant as it is distinctive.

The spin jar is incredibly easy to use, resting flat until the consumer picks it up and turns it open. The powder reservoir spins into the outer casing, exposing a lid that incorporates a brush. All the user has to do is pull out the lid, dip the brush into the reservoir, apply the product, then replace the lid and brush and spin the container closed. It's perfect as a value-added design feature for a product that wants to create high shelf appeal by defining a strong tie between the packaging and the product.

Made of shatter resistant ABS, the container is perfectly sized to fit in the palm of the hand (a 77mm diameter and 28mm thick), and opens with minimal effort. The reservoir holds up to 5.5g of powder, a fairly good amount when one considers that powder is extremely light. The design contemplates portability and won't come open unless actuated by the consumer, thanks to a series of built in stops and tabs that ensure the jar stays closed while travelling.

Companies can have the brush made of either natural or synthetic fibres, and the container can be coloured or decorated in any of the industry standard decorating options that FS Korea offers.

FS Korea

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FS Korea, headquartered in Seoul, provides packaging solutions to the international cosmetic market.