New Pursers from TOUS IN HEAVEN, HIM & HER

In an ever increasing trend for nomad products in the fragrance and cosmetic industries, Tous of Spain launched it’s fragrance TOUS IN HEAVEN for HIM and HER using Glaspray’s standard ARA-007 15ml purser.

TOUS IN HEAVEN pursers utilized “Multi-colour” or “Two-Tone” spray coating and silk-screen printing with fragrance resistance UV coating to give their elegant look. The cap is debossed with Tous’ logo.

Glaspray is the foremost designer and manufacturer of pursers. The ergonomics of their design and assembly makes the use of the sprayer and the replacement of the recharge an easy task.

Fragrance pumps from MWV Calmar are equipped in all of Glaspray’s pursers to meet the stringent quality requirements.

ARA-007 purser is available with the following options:

  • Surface treatment: Anodization, double anodization, spray coating and brushed.
  • Printing: Single and multi-colour silk-screen.
  • Fragrance pumps: 18/415 screw pump or 18mm Low Profile crimp pump.
  • Cream pump: 18/415 screw pump.
  • Capacity: 15ml and 20ml.

Glaspray offers various options and customizations on their pursers. With their expertise in dispensing system, metal technologies and plastic moulding, they are confident that they can provide a distinguishable packaging solution.


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