Aroma Strap by Glaspray

A chic accessory, the Aroma Strap unites the qualities of a roller in the form of a jewel. It provides convenience to carry a small amount of perfume while personalizing your mobile phone or handbag.

The components of the Aroma Strap are produced using a precise CNC (Computer Numerical Control) process. A stainless steel roller ball is used for best sealing and rolling requirements.

This Aroma Strap packaging comes in a volume of 0.5 ml, a handy size for an easier transportability.

Glaspray offers you three standard shapes and also the opportunity to customize them by anodization, silk-screen or laser engraving.


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Glaspray's vision is to turn their passion for innovative designs and sophisticated engineering into customers’ strategic assets. They constantly evolve with changes in the global business environment to present the most complex ideas in the simplest form, changing your perspectives on fragrance and cosmetic packaging.