New decoration and material possibilities for Glaspray travel sprays

Travel sprays have long been sought as a complement to existing perfume lines or as a stand-alone for premium products - Glaspray has successfully been producing its line of travel sprays for some time to fill both these niches. Recently, the company has added several new design and decoration possibilities to its offering, ensuring its travel sprays remain a big seller. Combined with the fact that all of its sprays offer European-designed precision dispensing, customers are guaranteed to find the exact right look for new product launches or additions to current ranges.
The sprays come in a wide variety of mix-and-match options with regard to shape (cylindrical, oval or square) and materials (plastic, alumimium and glass) as well as various cap options (separate straight caps, roll-on heads and one-piece, incorporated dispensers), making sure that the buyer can find the perfect configuration for his product.

Also, apart from industry-standard decoration options like silk-screening and labelling, Glaspray has added the following decoration techniques to further distinguish products on the shelf:
Brushed finish - all of the aluminium sprays can configured with the popular optional brushed look.
Lacquering - the application of a lacquer can create effects ranging from ivory to horn to clouding.
Debossing - logos or other imagery can be debossed on the cap head or on other parts of the spray, creating a distinctive packaging feature.
Two-tone lacquering - provides a rich gradient effect for high-end merchandise.
Double anodizing - aluminium components can be anodized with a base colour and then receive a second treatment to create patterns or text messaging.
The decoration possibilities are endless!


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