Libo's roller-ball applicator/tube combos

Libo Cosmetics is a professional manufacturer and designer of compacts, lipstick cases, mascara cases, lip gloss containers, jars and bottles for the beauty and personal care markets.  recently, the company has released a new set of roller-ball applicator/tube combos that dispense product and then work it into the skin.

The concept is part of a new trend in the cosmetic space to provide the right tools for the right job, ensuring that the application process is as quick and efficient as it can be.  The new roller-ball idea is based on providing the consumer with a fast, clean and efficient way of getting a very small amount of product (from a prestige or masstige line) onto or into a small space.  The roller-ball is as easy to hold as a pen and can be used to trace lines on the skin (like wrinkles) or small circles (like blemishes).  The small balls also massage the skin and ensure quicker absorption.

The roller-balls are available in 3 types:  tubes with either 3 metal balls, 3 plastic balls, or one large metal roll-on type dispenser perfect for products requiring more dosage.  All come in handy plastic housings.

Libo Cosmetics

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Libo Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and designer of superior packaging for the cosmetic, beauty, and personal care markets. All of their products have three advantages: High Quality, Competitive Prices and First-class Service.