The Vague flip top cap and Toyko PET bottle

Loire Plastic Industrie, manufacturers of standard and custom caps and lids for the cosmetic market has enlarged its range of caps with a new flip top cap, Vague. Designed specially for bottles with a neck screw 24/410 GCMI, the cap has an attention grabbing look making it stand out against other caps. With a distinctive sloping top, double aspect matt top and shiny body, the Vague flip top cap has an original style and provides a chic complement to a stylish bottle range.

Tall and slim is the distinctive shape of the new range of PET bottles by manufacturer Acti Pack. The Tokyo range, designed to bring originality and distinction to cosmetic product lines is available in 150ml, 200ml and 250ml sizes. The 24/410 GCMI standard neck enables the adaption of numerous screw caps or spray pumps, including the Vague range of flip top caps.

The combination of the Tokyo bottle with the Vague flip top cap results in a strong, dignified look that is anything but ordinary.

Loire Plastic Industrie and Acti Pack

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