Ideas, rapidity and service are decisive elements for success in the cosmetic market. Internationalization and extension of the product range must be customer oriented. Both are compulsory elements of an offensive growth. Louvrette fulfill these demands with the aim to be one of the leaders in the market in medium terms.

Design and Production

Louvrette offers both standard and custom design solutions. Our customized product ranges are as variable as you are creative. We personalize the packaging to meet the exact specifications and requirements of your brand using state of the art pigment effects, surface finishes and decorations, resulting in unique and personalized looks.

Louvrette provides an extensive and comfortable one-stop solution from the concept phase to the product launch. Our expert and experienced team carry out the design, product development, 3D technical drawings, rapid prototyping, tool making and in-house manufacturing which ensure transparency, efficiency and total confidentiality as well as saving you time and money.


Our product spectrum stands for different aspects – our ranges offer perfectly adapted designs of our jars, airless systems and bottles for facial and body care along with ranges of compacts and sticks for colour cosmetics.

Jars are available in sizes ranging from 5ml to 200ml. Depending on the individual customer's criteria, we use different materials such as biopolymers and Glass Polymer® along with Ecocert® approved materials.

The latest biopolymers which have been extensively tested are now ready to be used in customer projects. Jars and closures are available with glossy, matt or soft touch surface finishes.

Our highlight is our Regula Prestige airless jar which was developed in 2011 in close cooperation with MEGA Airless Dispensers and GAPLAST. With its patented bag-in-bottle technology, it offers maximum product safety and ensures maximum attention at the POS.

Our high-quality airless dispensers, available in 15, 30 and 50ml, were developed in cooperation with MEGA Airless Dispensers. This cooperation enables a functional and harmonious design with an airless system that meets the highest demands. Because our customers may define different types of pre-assembly options according to their filling lines, an efficient filling process is assured.

150, 200, 250 and 400ml bottles are available in HDPE (glossy or satin-finish) or in co-extrusion with soft-touch surface. In addition we offer single or two-part screw closures, functional closures such as disc and flip tops as well as various lotion and spray pumps with high-class caps.

Compacts for decorative cosmetics are available in several classic designs which complement our care product lines. Our range includes compacts for mono and duo eye shadows, pressed and loose powder or blusher and our magnetic refill system patented in 2010.