Flow wrapping enhances single pump convenience

Rieke Packaging Systems Englass has installed a high-speed flow wrapping machine at its Leicester factory, enabling the company to supply individually bagged pumps and dispensers.The new service will be of particular benefit to customers in pharmaceutical and food markets, for applications where pumps are not shipped on the containers or not required for every pack, but where it is still essential that each pump remains hygienically wrapped until needed.

The high quality flow wrapping machine can produce up to 40 wrapped pumps per minute and is suitable for Rieke Packaging Systems Englass’s entire range of dispensers. Fast changeovers between pump designs ensure that the company can provide a speedy response to customer orders. The machine is manufactured to food hygiene standards and all films are of food grade material.

“Our flow wrapping machine represents an important extension to our service to customers,” comments Mark Box, Managing Director of Rieke Packaging Systems Englass.

“It combines the supply convenience of individual pumps while ensuring that our high quality and hygienic manufacturing standards are maintained until the dispenser is required for use.”

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