Value added Deco Disc Top closures from Stull

Stull Technologies extends stock product line with all new Color Splash and Deco-Disc-Top closures.

This new launch adds more value and shelf-presence compared to existing Disc-Top closures and provide great value compared to the cost of a metal overshell.

The new closures are offered in a variety of sizes, including 20/410 smooth wall, 24/410 ribbed, 24/410 smooth wall, 24/415 smooth wall, 28/410 ribbed, and 28/410 smooth wall.

These newest closures are offered in a variety of standard and custom decorating options, allowing the customer to choose how their package should stand out on the shelf.

Stull’s new Speckled Disc-Top Closures can be made to match any color combination, adding a color splash to any package.

Stull’s new Deco Disc-Top Closures are offered in a variety of metallic gold & silver colors and in a number of patterns to choose from.

Deco-Disc-Tops offer the look of a metal over-shell at a much better value.

Stull Technologies

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