Stull offers full line of twist-open twist-close dispensing closures

Stull Technologies, a leading manufacturer of value-added stock and custom closures for the HBA/Personal Care, Food, Household Industrial Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Specialty markets, offers a full line of twist open – twist close dispensing closures.

The distinct streamlined shape combined with fresh new colors will give any package instant shelf appeal. Stull’s closures offer smooth and easy opening and closing, pin point dispensing accuracy. Our twist open – twist close closures have a clearly visible sealing indicator which prevents product leakage, drying and clogging within the closure. This line is ideal for a variety of applications and uses: hair care applicators, hobby and craft products, food condiments, pharmaceutical medications, OTC ointments and creams, and PET/VET applications.

These polyethylene closures are available in a variety of orifice sizes, sealing types, diameters, and finishes; 18/400, 20/410, 24/410, 28/410, 33/455, 38/400.

For customers interested in recycled materials, Stull can work to identify a program that fits a client's requirements and application.

Stull Technologies

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Stull technologies offer innovative solutions for packaging closures and components.