The Dune line, by Vetroelite

Vetroelite, Italy's foremost producer of luxury glass packaging, has outdone itself once more by releasing the DUNE line, a new bottle with an interesting shape that offers stability, easy handling, plenty of surface space, and a wide range of capacities, for creating an eye-catching ensemble for one product or a full range.

DUNE’s design finds its inspiration in the smooth, soft and wavy landscapes of the Sahara.  In Arabic, the neat ridge of a dune is called "sif", a word that also refers to the curvy blade of a scimitar.  DUNE seeks to recall this romantic shape, with an audacious and creative spirit which nonetheless possesses practical strength and ease of use.

Advantages of the bottle are numerous, including:

  • conical/cylindrical shape: guarantees stability on the filling and labelling lines
  • ergonomic design: easy for the consumer to handle the think, tapered neck
  • straight surfaces: decoration and labelling are a snap on the large amount of surface available
  • versatile orifice: standard finish (for natural or synthetic cork ) or GPI screw-cap finish
  • exceptionally wide range of capacities: 5 cl, 10 cl, 20 cl, 25 cl, 35 cl, 37,5 cl, 50 cl, 70 cl, 75 cl, 100 cl, 150 cl, 175 cl and 300 cl

DUNE offers an innovative and audacious design, providing extraordinary visibility on shelves, and thanks to its "Extra White” glass, remains brilliant and clear under minimal lighting.  The modern and sophisticated style, designed for “cool” spirits, is also well suited for top gourmet oils and vinegars.


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Vetroelite is an Italian company that produces special glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage, personal care and cosmetic markets.