The Mio range, an innovative bridge between the past and the future

Vetroelite confirms its leadership in the glass container market, blending past, present and future in a winning mix. The company has given life to a new and unique product that's both refined and functional, and that also has the quality of being a low-cost production item, leading to the satisfaction of the most demanding customers: the Mio jar.

The Mio jar is a new version of the company's Zen jar, which in a very short time after its release became one of the most appreciated (and copied) jars available in glass packaging. The Zen range won the trust of the some of the world's biggest and most important food industry companies, as well as the attention of bargain basement copycats. The Mio jar is Vetroelite's solution to rampant duplication: a premium jar similar to the Zen line, but lighter and with a narrower mouth finish, that keeps the best qualities of Zen (flint colouring, the quality of the raw materials, ease of use when extracting contents, the impression of being bigger that it actually is) at a more competitive price.

The Mio jar is available in four capacities: 106ml, 212ml, 314ml and 580ml. The twist-off that accompanies the jar is the standard TO-70 deep cap. In fact, the diameter of the base for all four capacities is the same, so that the jars only increase with regard to height, making display on the shelf easier when judging available broad space. The product makes a client's job that much easier, as even buying the full range, only one standard type of closure needs to be purchased.


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Vetroelite is an Italian company that produces special glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage, personal care and cosmetic markets.