The Ecochic bottle by Vetroelite is ecologically fashionable

The concept behind this simple but elegant bottle is the strength towards ecology and the reduction of natural resource waste. The bottle is indeed very light thanks to the limited quantity of glass used to create it: less glass means less energy to produce it and less effort to move this bottle from one place to another. The natural consequence of ecological thinking is money saving, resulting in a cheaper bottle and cheaper transportation costs.

Moreover, with the Ecochic range, Vetroelite emphasizes once again the idea that the cylinder is not only a very convenient shape in the glass packaging world but also that the use of this form does not mean banality or triviality. The unusual shoulder gives this bottle grace, enhanced also by the long and elegant neck.

The Ecochic range is also a spare of time, thanks to its perfectly cylindrical shape that allows the use of these bottles in the standard filling lines, with no need to change or regulate them, making easier the application of the labels. 

The Ecochic line is versatile and thought for both oil and vinegar producers and the spirit industry. It comes in antique green and flint white, in 25 cl, 50 cl and 75 cl.


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Vetroelite is an Italian company that produces special glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage, personal care and cosmetic markets.