Fresh life and art house bring convenient controlled dispensing to the cooking and snacking industries

Scalzo Foods Industries, a manufacturer and distributor of food ingredients, utilizes the Weatherchem Flapper closure. Scalzo Foods recently introduced cooking nuts and snacking mixes to the retail industry. Products such as Fresh Life, a variety of cooking and snacking nuts, and Art House, a fruit and nut snack mix, use the Flapper dispensing cap providing an innovative alternative to the traditional bag.

“The Flapper cap sets Scalzo apart from other competitors, allowing us to be an innovative player in the cooking nuts and snacking categories. It helps differentiate our product on the retail shelf, providing us with a greater “shelf-presence”. This has been extremely important to us while establishing a name and brand in the Australian market”, remarks Sue Lonergan, Retail Projects Manager.

Scalzo Foods acknowledges the advantages of using the Flapper closure. Lonergan explains, “In this industry, the consumer-friendly flip cap compliments a non-traditional package alternative. It allows the product to be resealed maintaining quality and freshness. Plus, not relying on a traditional screw cap provides our consumers a value-added convenience with its easy open flip-top feature. We have not been able to find any other product in the market which shows the innovation and convenience of the Flapper”.

Scalzo Food Industries offers a variety of cooking, snacking and food ingredients. In business since 1977, Scalzo’s national headquarters and central warehousing is located in West Melbourne, Victoria. With established offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, Scalzo’s major manufacturing base encompasses Australia and New Zealand.

Cormack Packaging, based in Sydney Australia, is a Weatherchem distributor of Flapper closures. A leading manufacturer of specialized packaging in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia, Cormack provides packaging solutions in various markets such as personal care, pharmaceutical, health & aromatherapy, chemical, cleaning, food, beverage and cosmetic industries.

Weatherchem Corporation creates innovative plastic packaging solutions utilizing their patented Flapper® technology. Leading food, healthcare & household products companies use Weatherchem’s proprietary line of dispensing closures, as well as, mutually developed customized solutions for convenience or controlled access packaging needs.


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