Customer proximity is always a top priority at Weener

Weener's North American headquarters in Wilson, North Carolina, USA was one of the firm’s first 100% company-owned locations overseas. It was the result of the takeover of the Euro-Matic Group in 2005.  Weener Plastics Inc. has since become an important development and production facility for the Weener Group.

Development of the American location on the east coast of the USA was primarily driven ahead by Jens Feierabend and his team. As Branch President, he knows the Weener business inside out and was very well prepared for his exciting post: after training as a toolmaker at Weener followed by studies in engineering sciences the 41 year old worked for several years in Project Management at the headquarters in Northern Germany. After taking over ball specialist Euro-Matic Weener totally transformed the existing plant both inside and out and consistently extended the new Weener location in the US as a development and production centre.

Project Management for the region is also located in Wilson. In terms of technology Weener USA with its nearly 5,000 m2 of production space offers injection moulding in addition to PET injection blow moulding and extrusion blow moulding.

Within the Weener Group Weener USA obviously primarily supplies the regional markets, although Weener Inc. does also export to China or, for instance, Australia. The cosmetics (60%), food (30%) and pharmacy (10%) sectors are the main fields of activity of the American subsidiary; partners are always preferably global players in the sector. 

Perfectly Equipped

Just like all other locations within the group Weener Inc. boasts state-of-the-art machinery and uses the latest production methods.  Installed in Wilson are 13 injection moulding machines with 150t to 500t capacity. The location also boasts preform injection moulding units, injection stretch blow moulding units, extrusion blow moulding units as well as other facilities like those for assembling valves or gaskets.

“Our first-rate equipment makes it possible for us to react very quickly – economically, cost-effectively and also locally. At the same time, we can always fall back on the capabilities of our company group,” explains Feierabend. “All partners in the group benefit from its extensive pool of know how – and this advantage primarily benefits the customer,” adds Vice President Luppo Bakker (43). On this both men are agreed: “We listen to our customers very attentively and they appreciate this very much.”  In the standard segment Weener USA currently produces primarily flip-top caps with or without valves available with different mouth diameters and in a variety of different colours. For its customers the company develops and produces not only a variety of 2K caps but currently also the innovative and technically advanced AXE shower gel cap.

Another advantage over its competitors are Weener USA’s quick response times: “Our customers can rest assured we will respond to requests within one working day,” says Feierabend. “Here we treat all customers equally, regardless of how big or small the order is.” Customers have at their disposal not only the American Project Management but naturally also our own tool shop in Germany which makes it possible to keep the top quality product in-house from the idea through to the finished, mass-produced article. Weener USA also ensures a high level of quality by means of intense training and further training of its 48 members of staff documenting this in various certifications. The company is obviously ISO 9001 certified and also meets the high standards of the AIB (American Institute of Bakeries) and Green Business.

Weener Plastic Packaging Group

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