Packaging News

Will these products still be the IT products of next year?
MakeUp in
Last February, the MakeUp in LosAngeles participants got the chance to discover, on the Innovation Tree, makeup and skincare innovations selected by the Expert Committee. What will be the new "IT" products? Come and discover everything about makeup and skincare innovations and trends, February 11&12, at the Los Angeles Convention Center!
Let's Twist It Up!
New ingredients and applications are revolutionising skincare products, so why not do the same with skincare packaging? Responding to brands’ demands for products that provide both strong formulation protection and user-friendly experience, Quadpack has launched Twist Up tube.
Mecmesin's materials testers
Testing the physical strength properties of materials, in accordance with international or in-house standards, is a key part of determining their characteristics to better understand the effects of process improvements. With this in mind, Mecmesin has designed a range of static-load Materials Testers powered by intuitive VectorPro™ MT software.
Food grade pumps offer easy dispensing

In the food industry, pump dispensers are ideal for portioning out liquid foods and sauces. PKP's food pump dispensers have been specially designed and manufactured in food grade PP, for consistently effortless dispensing of liquid foods in kitchens and customer self-service areas.