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Aarts Plastics selected as cap supplier for 4711 Wunderwasser

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Fragrance house Mäurer & Wirtz has recently launched two new fragrances; Wunderwasser 4711 for him and for her. With Wunderwasser, 4711 asks consumers to become immersed in a magical moment for everyone who is open to new things. The bottles used for the products' packaging have been finished with metallic caps and are a symphony of light and water emotionally portrayed through the high quality glass with endless and ever-changing blue tones.

Together with the fragrance house's packaging team, Aarts Plastics has been signed for the total development of the cap packaging from tooling to production to assembly and finishing. To guarantee the best aesthetic look, the cap was made of 2 pieces with a metallic finish which provides perfect harmony between the marketing concept, the bottles and the colours.

For more information about 4711 Wunderwasser: www.4711.com/en

Aarts Plastics offers the luxury cosmetic market a small standard range of products, but the company's secret weapon is its custom development division that caters to numerous fragrance and cosmetic firms all over Europe, including new up-and-comers as well as established market leaders. From perfume caps to powder compacts, with outstanding design and a selection of the highest grade material around, Aarts makes sure that the development of new packaging concepts runs smoothly and efficiently.

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