How to Choose the Best Packaging for Safety: Tamper-proof vs. Tamper-Evident

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The journey a package takes from manufacturer to consumer is a long one. And along the way, bad players have many opportunities to intervene.

In the packaging industry, concerns about safety and security have put anti-tampering efforts at the forefront and led to technological advancements to improve efficiency, scalability, and safety.

Anti-tampering solutions are generally organized into two main categories: tamper-evident solutions and tamper-proof solutions. Tamper-evident solutions are designed to reveal any tampering that has occurred, while tamper-proof solutions aim to prevent tampering from happening in the first place.

As you reassess your anti-tampering efforts, you’re likely trying to decide which of these two solutions is best for your needs. In this article, you’ll find your answer.

What is tamper-evident packaging?

Tamper-evident packaging is designed to show clear signs of tampering if someone has opened or altered a package. Essentially, it’s difficult to open and access a package’s contents without damaging its packaging.

Tape seals, shrink bands, induction seals, bubble or blister packs, and security labels with special adhesives or designs are common examples of tamper-evident packaging.

The Advantages of Tamper-Evident Packaging

Tamper-evident packaging provides several advantages, including:

  • Increased consumer trust and confidence: It provides assurance that the product has arrived safely. It’s particularly useful for food, pharmaceuticals, and other products that impact health.
  • Regulatory compliance: It can help industries that have strict regulations, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and others, be compliant and avoid penalties.
  • Brand protection: It protects brands from counterfeiters who may attempt to steal a brand’s identity.
  • Traceability and accountability: With digital watermarks or other tracking technologies, brands can track the product through the supply chain.

The Downside of Tamper-Evident Packaging

Although tamper-evident packaging can help show tampering has occurred, it isn’t able to prevent tampering in the first place, putting brand identity, safety, and revenue at risk.

What is tamper-proof packaging?

Tamper-proof technology makes it extremely difficult or impossible to open a package without evidence that the packaging has been changed, opened, removed, or damaged.

Many of the advantages of tamper-proof packaging are similar to those of tamper-evident packaging. However, tamper-proof packaging is much better at deterring tampering from occurring in the first place, while tamper-evident packaging only shows signs that tampering has occurred.

As companies develop security measures, counterfeiters are developing better tactics, including ways around tamper-evident measures. Recently, we have heard from companies that counterfeiters have learned how to heat a bottle cap, replace the liquid product, and replace the cap without breaking the seal. In this case—like many others—tamper-evident measures weren’t enough.

Tamper-proof packaging intends to make it near impossible to counterfeit in the first place, allowing for:

  • Consumer safety and confidence: Preventing counterfeiting provides peace of mind for consumers, letting them know the package is secure.
  • Product security: It prevents unauthorized contamination.
  • Brand protection: It allows brands to maintain their reputation for quality and reliability.
  • Supply chain security: Track-and-trace technology tracks packaging from manufacturer to consumer.

What are the advantages of AeroFlexx’s tamper-proof designs?

Many packaging brands will claim their products are tamper-proof when, in reality, they are only tamper-evident. We recognized this was a detriment in the industry and made it one of our reasons to design the AeroFlexx Pak (Pak).

Here’s how we incorporated tamper-proof technology in our design:

Unique Design, Inside and Out
Because Paks can only be produced using highly controlled and proprietary production equipment, they’re incredibly difficult—if not impossible—to replicate in today’s market.

Airframe Protection
In addition to keeping the liquid protected and ensuring the Pak keeps its shape, our proprietary airframe technology shows clear evidence if it has been punctured.

Tear Tab
Our hermetically sealed Pak only opens by tearing off the tab, and it can’t be resealed without clear distortion.

Integrated Valve
Caps and closures are frequent targets for counterfeiting. The Pak has an integrated valve, which means there are no caps or closures to tamper with.

Digital Watermarking
The Pak offers unique, custom artwork, manufacturing coding, and smart logistics to enhance trackability and authentication.

AeroFlexx is your safe, sustainable solution.

Keeping packaging and products safe is just one of our priorities. By developing the AeroFlexx Pak, we made it our mission to deliver superior packaging and promote sustainability initiatives. Contact us now and learn about how we make this possible.

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