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Flairosol helps Carr & Day & Martin to take the lead in horse care

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Flairosol® technology from Afa Dispensing Group provides the performance power and creative inspiration behind the refreshment of Carr & Day & Martin's (CDM) iconic brand and the successful launch of new equine care range – Equimist 360.

Launched in 2013, Flairosol is a propellant-free and non regulated alternative to aerosols, carrying a trigger sprayer convenience that delivers a prolonged, fine and uniform mist spray from first to last drop. With its 360 degree spray capability, enabled by its bag-in-bottle technology, it offers a new way to spray, as well as, a stylish and sleek design which is uncommon in the packaging industry.

Carr & Day & Martin is the first in the horse care market to embrace the innovative spray benefits of Flairosol. Speaking on behalf of CDM, David Haythornthwait, Owner, said:

"Flairosol provides a unique method of application for our premium range of horse care products, which enables us to offer our customers a new industry standard. We are convinced that once our customers have experienced this revolutionary spray technology, they will never want to use a traditional dispensers again."

Thanks to these added value benefits, the leading horse care manufacturer now offers horse owners a delightful user experience. Flairosol dispenses the CDM products evenly and continuously all over the desired area, effectively covering the entire body of the horse. Because Flairosol can be used at any angle, it gives an uninterrupted, non-dripping spray, into areas which are difficult to reach, such as under the belly and the lower leg area.

Stand-out aesthetics join the all-round performance and ease of use to convey a sense of style and quality befitting the premium product line. Evidencing Flairosol's extraordinary qualities that are valued by even the most discerning horse owner, Equimist 360 won the Horsecare Equipment & Clothing category of BETA International's 2014 Innovation Awards.

Ariel Gratch, CEO of Afa Dispensing Group, commented:

"The success of Flairosol with the CDM products is yet another demonstration that Afa's dispensing technologies, packaged in a stylish and eye-catching designs, provide a user experience that delights the consumer and enhances the value of the underlying brand.

With these qualities and its applicability to a wide range of consumer products, Flairosol is the transformative technology the market has been looking for after a long period during which almost every massed-produced consumer package had become a commodity."

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Flairosol, a new way to spray

Flairosol® ImPress 360 is a unique, environmentally-friendly, air-based aerosol replacement solution. Based on Afa's revolutionary Flair® technology platform, Flairosol consists of a reusable dispensing head and bag-in-bottle container. The technology works by bringing a small, metered amount of the liquid under pressure at the moment of use, releasing a very fine consistent mist-like spray. The output is dosed and remains constant from the first through to the last drop.

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