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The Heineken Sub

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THE SUB is HEINEKEN's latest innovation for the fast growing at-home beer market. The sleek, stylish draught beer lifestyle appliance taps into the urban consumers' increasing desire to enjoy a premium draught beer experience in their own home.

With the machine comes THE TORP®, a brand new 2 litre keg which completes the system enabling consumers to pour perfect quality, super chilled beers. In THE TORP we find Afa's patented FLAIR® bag-in-bottle technology.

Afa and HEINEKEN have closely collaborated to develop the container that fully benefits from the advantages of Afa's FLAIR technology, in particular long shelf life, extended product freshness and design freedom.

The combination of the SUB and TORP illustrates Afa's mission of brand enhancement through innovative dispensing.

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Flairosol, a new way to spray

Flairosol® ImPress 360 is a unique, environmentally-friendly, air-based aerosol replacement solution. Based on Afa's revolutionary Flair® technology platform, Flairosol consists of a reusable dispensing head and bag-in-bottle container. The technology works by bringing a small, metered amount of the liquid under pressure at the moment of use, releasing a very fine consistent mist-like spray. The output is dosed and remains constant from the first through to the last drop.

Saint-Gobain chooses Afas Flairosol for its premium car care product range

Saint-Gobain chooses Afa's Flairosol for its premium car care product range

Saint-Gobain® is the world leader in habitat/construction and high-performance materials. In 2014 they decided to broaden their offering and enter a new category: premium car care products for consumers. They wanted an elegant, high-end and propellant-free package that could deliver an excellent fine mist for their glass cleaner and interior freshener products that matched their image of technological excellence. Flairosol ImPress 360's performance could not be rivalled by any other spray alternatives investigated.

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