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AFA Dispensing has achieved another milestone in the global effort to use environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. As of this autumn, AFA’s best-selling product – The OpUs Trigger Sprayer, will be offered in a new colourful version that is made from Post-Consumer Recycled resin (resin of recycled plastic products). AFA markets this new product as OpUs Verte (For its “green” effect) and plans to make OpUs Verte the successor of its non-PCR Opus product line, to reduce overall virgin plastic resin consumptions by at least 50%.

In last two decades AFA has been heavily involved in development, production and marketing of innovative liquid dispensing products that were instrumental in enhancing the underlying brands, as well as, extend their reach. All the innovative solutions conceived by AFA’s R&D team had the environment in mind and aimed to create sustainable packages.

AFA was the first to launch an all plastic 100% recyclable trigger sprayer almost 20 years ago – the OpAd, as well as the 2nd generation light weight 100% plastic polyolefins trigger sprayer – the OpUs, both based on the OnePak Pre-Compression technology, that provides superior consumer experience and more than 10,000 cycles. No other trigger sprayer can match the performance, durability and sustainability of AFA’s sprayers. OpUs Verte, though made of recycled plastics, that typically are of inferior design and performance, maintains the same high performance of its predecessor, while making a big step in the thrive to reduce overall plastic consumption.

OpUs Verte - the only all plastic, pre compression trigger sprayer made of PCR-resin which is available in multiple colors

Colors and PCR based products do not go hand in hand. Most PCR based products are available in black or dark grey only. AFA was able to secure a white stream of recycled consumer products, produced by a certified and reliable supplier on an exclusive basis. As a result, OpUs Verte is available in various color options, even in white(!), so that brands can opt for PCR without sacrificing their brand image and own color identity.

With growing concerns over plastic waste and forthcoming regulations against sales of non-recyclable and non-PCR plastic products, especially within leading countries of the European Union, it is necessary for all stakeholders – consumers, brand owners and suppliers to adopt environmental solutions and sustainable development strategy. AFA is a member of PETCore and is committed to continue in its efforts to reduce plastics waste and develop more sustainable (durable) systems.

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