Spray Safe, Shine Bright: Flairosol Ensures Healthy Sun Protection!

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On the hunt for the latest trends, it’s easy to overlook one of the most essential: Health and safety. While it’s always been important, today’s tech-savvy consumers are always on the lookout for healthier, safer, and more sustainable products. Want to reach them?

Thanks to patented liquid dispensing technology, Flairosol delivers a continuous mist spray without pressurized gases or other harmful substances. In simple terms, this means it’s better for the planet, without the risk of exploding on hotter days.

Sun Protection for Radiant Skin

From weeks abroad on holiday at the beach to daily life in the high heat of summer, sun protection is an essential personal care product. For this reason, the sun care market is worth more than 10 billion USD – with spray solutions making up a significant segment. So, how can you make an impact on the sun protection market? With Flairosol for personal care, you can create efficient, convenient, and sustainable products your consumers will keep by their sides.

What are today’s consumers looking for in a sun protection spray?

In a busy world, consumers want convenient, sustainable, and high-quality suncare solutions. Find out how Flairosol for personal care can enhance your sun protection offering:

Quick, Convenient, and Easy to Apply
Whether it is for a long day at the beach or part of a morning routine, sun protection is an important but time-consuming task. With Flairosol for personal care, you can create sun sprays that are quick and easy to use, with even dispensing over the whole body due to a unique spray pattern. In travel-friendly and carry-on sizes, it is ready for a fast application on a day out. And, it is fully safe for use in handbags too, as there is no risk of explosion when exposed to the sun in a hot car or on the beach.

A Healthy and Safe Solution
The Flairosol dispensing system is free from the gases and propellants that aerosols and pressurized bottles rely on, making it safer and healthier for the user. So, if a consumer is in a busy, hot place like a beach, they can feel safe.

Eco-Friendly Sun Care
Alongside the health benefits of sun protection, today’s consumers also want products that are good for the environment. As Flairosol is free from harmful propellants, it is far more eco-friendly than the aerosols of the past, letting green consumers buy and use it guilt-free. And, unlike aerosols, Flairosol assures the user that all of the product has been used - and with a near 100% evacuation rate, consumers can expect this every single time, reducing waste and saving money. Plus, with a refill and recharge system, you can also reduce waste and increase customer loyalty.

Would you like to know more? Looking to enhance your sun protection spray with the Flairosol dispensing system? Please feel free to reach out to us!

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