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Airopack delivers Mothers Polish CMX Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat

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Mothers polish, working directly with our Filler-Partner, PLZ Granite Packaging, has launched a new sku in its leading CMX product line using Airopack's revolutionary all-plastic dispensing delivery system. The CMX Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat is a perfect example of Airopack and Granite’s ability to move quickly to meet brand requirements for a high-quality and high-speed path-to-market.

Mothers launched the CMX Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), the premier global trade event for the automotive aftermarket industry.

Check out Mothers CMX Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat and other products

Visit the PLZ Granite Packaging website to learn more about this Airopack Filler-Partner.

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