Lifestyle Care Brand DFNS Trusts Airopack for Safe & Sustainable Sprays

  • Airopack

With the mission of being the greatest and greenest lifestyle care brand, DFNS uses Airopack's revolutionary air-powered dispensing system for their apparel and footwear sprays, with a range of products to clean, refresh, and protect your look from head to toe.

DFNS products are powered by air using Airopack®—innovative technology that’s safer for you and the planet. A traditional aerosol uses pressurized gas to propel its contents, releasing harmful solvents at the same time. Airopack® uses compressed air instead of volatile chemicals, so when you spray, all you get is the actual product and nothing more.

With the Pressure Control Device you'll be able to use 98% of the product and see exactly how much you have left, with Airopack's transparent bottles. And the eco-friendly bottle can be refilled again or recycled afterwards, so you can do what you love while loving the planet.

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