Unveiling Albéa's new fibre brush mascaras

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Albéa, the world leader in mascara packaging, unveiled its new family of four innovative fibre brushes named My Style, highlighting the company's intensive product development program.

According to Pauline Uhlen, Mascara Product Manager at Albéa, "My Style family is designed to capture the ever-changing lifestyle modes of today's women on the go. Wherever these active consumers go, they take their mascara – it is an essential part of their style, whether they're at work, or at play. The four new fibre brushes are Mademoiselle (for extreme volume and length), Miss (for extra curl and length), Lolita (for volume and definition) and Signorina (for extra volume)."

The sculpted contours of the four mascara brushes in the My Style family are made possible thanks to Albéa's second-generation Da Vinci™ technology. This proprietary process, which combines a second brush cut followed by an overtwist, "opens a world of exciting new fibre brush design possibilities, for optimized volume, lengthening, curling and definition", said Pauline Uhlen. "Cuts can now be done differently on either side of the brush, for new shape and make-up effect possibilities", she added. 

"Furthermore we have selected and mixed various types of fibers to create these four exciting new brush shape designs, each offering specific make-up characteristics."

Albéa's strategy of annual product innovations, for both fibre- and plastic brushes, will be enhanced by the company's new innovation-driven and customer-oriented European Center of Excellence for mascara and lipgloss opening in Q4 2014 in Bottanuco, Italy. 

"Our new Bottanuco facility will offer our customers quality, supply chain efficiency and speed-to-market", Pauline Uhlen said. "This major investment of 20 Million Euros will further strengthen  Albéa’sleaderhip position in mascaras. We are constantly improving the service we bring to our customers in their mascara developments through our innovation capabilities, service, teams and technical expertise – as well as support for the most complex global mascara and applicators launches. Our continuously-expanding portfolio of end-to-end mascara packaging means solutions to our customers' biggest challenges," Pauline Uhlen said.

All four mascaras – along with the entire range of Albéa’s beauty and personal care packaging solutions, were on show at Cosmoprof Bologna.

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