Albéa introduces D.N.Airless Ø27mm

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The Dispenser Néa Airless is the newest generation of airless pack offered by Albéa that combines prestigious design with complete protection for the most advanced and sensitive formulas for facial care, make-up and eye-care applications.

The new D.N.Airless Ø27mm answers the coming trends of visually stunning formulas for more differentiation and targeting  premium product launches. These new precious formulas can display  vibrant colors, gel textures, beads, capsules and even glitter, that’s why with its highly transparent glass polymer bottle, D.N.Airless Ø27mm is perfect to emphasize these formula features.

Suitable for highly active & organic formulas, D.N.Airless Ø27mm  offers better formula protection with an airless bottle system that prevents contact with air, enabling a longer shelf life for your product. The NEA technology platform used for D.N.Airless with a new generation neutral engine makes sure there is no contact with metal components.

Convenient and comfortable to use, D.N.Airless enables a 360° application with an airtight system, smooth actuation of even the most viscous formulas and a clean exit point. In addition, PETG bottle material ensures excellent compatibility compared to other types of transparent plastic material.

For this pack, Albéa offers standard premiumization of the bottom ring, bottle, collar, actuator and cap with silk-screening, hot-stamping and metallization. The pack remains customizable with a choice of 2 standard bottle sizes (20ml & 30 ml).

Favoring flexible integration into your industrial process, D.N.Airless features easy top atmospheric or airless filling in 27mm, high capacity and volume for this integrated and complete pack, a large standard range (20 ml, 30ml).

With the new D.N.Airless range, Albéa perfectly combines advanced technology, formula protection, customizable designs and a flexible industrial process!

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