Albéa presents Quartz & Onyx: Two endlessly customizable compact ranges

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In a increasingly digital cosmetic market, brands have to be faster to market than ever while providing uniqueness to consumers.

That’s why Albéa presents two new, highly customizable compact ranges and a new printing technology -  supporting all its global, regional and local customers by offering flexibility through speed-to-market to launch products faster and shorter lead times for limited editions.


The square and round standard families each comprise three compact sizes for a strong range  identity, thanks to their sleek design and infinite customization options.

It is real "à la carte" for our customer. Depending on their brand’s positioning, they can select:

  • A competitive version where the compact’s base is hollowed out - or a premium version with a tablet underneath (attached by ultrasonic welding).
  • Among different sizes to complete their range : large, medium and small compacts
  • Transparent or opaque cap
  • With or without mirror
  • All kinds of decoration, e.g. lacquering, varnishing, tampoprinting, silkscreen, hot stamping, film transfer and metallization.


Albéa also introduces a new decoration technique that allows greater agility. This unique Digital Printing technology works on flat, slightly convex or slightly concave surfaces. The artwork is printed directly on the pack (whether assembled or not)  using contactless technology so the decoration becomes the final step of process.

This innovative technology offers many benefits:

  • It makes every type of artwork possible with a photo-like result
  • It goes straight from file to print-out: no printing tools needed
  • It meets the need for very small series and very fast changeovers
  • It is perfect for limited editions, special animations and last-minute customization

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