Excess Lashes mascara, a false-lash look without false lashes!

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Albéa unveils Excess Lashes, a new fiber mascara family from its Tips Studio.

Albéa has unveiled three new innovative applicator designs created by its applicator experts, the Albéa Tips Studio (Bottanuco, Italy), at Cosmoprof Bologne: Excess Lash, a range of fibre mascara brushes; Beauty Flow, plastic mascara brushes; and Generous Gloss, a lipgloss range. "In 2017, mascara trends were all about extremes, with either excessively sophisticated makeup effects and easy gestures. The challenge we face is to respond quickly with increasingly high-performance applicators that are easy for women to use" explains Audrey Landon, Albéa Tips Studio Product Manager.

Excess Lash provides a false-lash look without false lashes!
This range of fibre mascaras' exclusive loose fibre formulation thickens lashes and adds texture, making them incredibly long and full.
Eyes are made up in 3 stages: applying mascara with the Excess brush; applying the loose fibre formulation with the Ecstasy brush for a curled, XXL volume effect, or the Spice brush for an extreme volume effect; and another coat of mascara for a multidimensional result!

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