Lipstick&Co unveils Magnetos Square

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Lipstick&Co unveils Magnetos Square, its new square lipstick packaging with a magnetic closing. It is a square design and modern lipstick with automatic closing system.

Magnetos lipstick pack is available with R-Touch, the affordable non-guided lipstick mechanism, perfect for rigid/ semi-rigid formulas. Magnetos Square is suitable for mass, masstige and prestige with both plastic and metal versions.

Albéa’s committed teams provide local presence and global reach; robust capabilities in innovation & design as well as project management; solid operating excellence; world-class manufacturing, decoration and full-service; as well as a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Magnetos Square innovation is part from Lipstick&Co platform that offers our customers technical expertise, industrial know-how and creativity to develop and make all their lipsticks, lip balms, pens and face sticks.

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