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The House of Gellé Frères selects the XD11 Panache pump to spray micro encapsulated formulas in a gentle mist

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To deliver the Eau de Parfum microencapsulated formulas, The House of Gellé Frères has selected the XD11 Panache pump for its indulgent cloud of ultra-fine droplets.

At Gellé Frères, fragrances begin with flowers and are transformed into sophisticated perfumes. The brand innovates by creating microcapsules in its perfumes to reproduce floral fragrances as faithfully as possible and make them longer lasting.

The Queen Next Door fragrance collection features mood-boosters with essential oils in its alcohol-free, long-lasting formulas thanks to microencapsulation. It can be sprayed on skin or hair.

To spray the delicate flower notes, the House Gellé Frères has chosen the XD11 Panache pump from Albéa. XD11 Panache is a revolution in beauty gesture with a gentle, deep and long-lasting cloud of fragrance.

Albéa's XD11 Panache fragrance pump at glance:
The XD11 pump combines delicacy and robustness thanks to an ultra-compact design, harmonious mist, invisible engine, three dosages (70 μl, 100μl, 120μl) and olfactory neutrality.

XD11 Panache delivers an average droplet thats 33% lighter, 40% drier, penetrates twice as deep and is 6 times longer-lasting.*

*2015 Albéa study

The Albéa XD11 Panache pump is manufactured in Albéa Le Tréport, the European center of excellence for fragrance pumps. XD11 Panache is available in Europe, the United States and Brazil.

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