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Albéa and Henkel take the famed Toothpaste Tube to the next level

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Albéa and beauty care giant Henkel have taken a stand: the famed toothpaste tube will become the standard bearer of a new generation of responsible packaging for all.

It is no coincidence that Henkel has chosen Spanish toothpaste brand Licor del Polo to demonstrate the company’s commitment to responsible everyday packaging. The brand was the first to launch toothpaste with chlorophyll in the 1960’s – and today it has selected Albéa’s proprietary Greenleaf tube technology for its brand relaunch in July.

Greenleaf tubes are recognized by the Association of Plastic Recylers (USA) and Suez.CircPack (Europe) as technically recyclable within the existing, effective HDPE bottles recycling stream. What’s more, this unique tube-making technology uses a single-blown film thus reducing the product’s CO2 footprint significantly.

This tube exemplifies Albéa’s definition of responsible packaging: packaging that is safe for all and for the environment; packaging that has a minimal environmental impact; and packaging that is circular.

Zoran Joksic, Sales Director at Albéa, explains: “With Henkel, we are demonstrating that leading companies, with established brands such as Licor del Polo, are at the forefront of the sustainability challenge. What makes a difference is the brand’s sense of purpose – and this is a value that Albéa shares with Henkel.”

In line with its packaging targets and commitment to avoid plastic waste, Henkel will convert its entire Oral Care portfolio to fully recyclable tubes produced by Albéa. The transition, to be concluded across all oral care brands beginning of next year, will be pioneered by the Spanish toothpaste brand Licor del Polo. Furthermore, both companies are jointly working to improve even further and harmonize all single components of the tube, and plan to launch the world’s first full HDPE tube in 2021, which will then include the cap as well.

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