Alpha Packaging

Alpha Packaging

Experts in PET and HDPE packaging for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and personal care markets.

Alpha Packaging manufactures high-quality bottles and jars made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and polylactic acid (PLA) for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal care, consumer chemical, and food and beverage markets. Our capabilities include superior-quality injection and injection stretch blow molding, as well as extrusion blow molding. We use only FDA-approved resins, including recycled (post-consumer) PET and HDPE that have FDA Letters of Non-Objection. We have also recently added polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to the list of resins we can run, for products that are not compatible with other plastic resins.

Alpha manufactures stock and custom containers in a variety of styles and colors, all available with very short lead times. Our in-house engineering and tool-building departments work with customers in a six-step process to bring your ideas 'from art to part,' for a variety of manufacturing processes including injection stretch blow molding, reheat and blow molding, injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding.

Alpha is a company that is proud of its history, but always looks toward its future. The company was founded in 1969 and much of the current management team has been in place since 1985. Dave Spence, Alpha Packaging's president and CEO from 1985 to 2011, resigned from those positions in December 2011 but remains a significant shareholder. In April 2012, Jeff Kellar joined Alpha as its new President and CEO, charged with continuing Alpha's growth in the key industries it serves.

All of our plants house state-of-the-art injection blow molding equipment for PET and HDPE bottles and jars. Our 210,000 square-foot headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri; 160,000 square-foot plant in Salt Lake City, Utah; 125,000 square-foot plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; 120,000 square-foot plant in Jacksonville, Florida; 100,000 square-foot plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan; 76,000 square-foot plant in Vancouver, British Columbia; and 290,000 square-foot plant in Cleveland, Ohio serve both North American and global customers.

European customers are also served by a 45,000 square-foot plant in The Netherlands that specializes in PET packaging. Our Technigraph container decorating facility in Winona, Minnesota, offers high-quality screen printing, spray frosting and other high-end decorating techniques.

Experienced sales and customer service representatives serve the entire United States. We also sell through domestic and international stocking distributors who are very knowledgeable about our product line.