Alpha Packaging introduces new line of HDPE bottles: personal care boston rounds

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Alpha Packaging, a leading manufacturer of plastic bottles and jars for the personal care, pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries, has added a third new line of squeezable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles for the beauty industry. Alpha’s new Personal Care Boston Rounds are commonly used for shampoos and hair care products, body lotions and other liquids and gels.

Each container in the line is produced with an impact finish to achieve the best possible look for the discerning salon or retail beauty market consumer. All three sizes – 8-ounce, 12-ounce and 16-ounce – are available in both 24-410 and 24-415 necks. Alpha will be stocking the Boston Rounds in white and natural HDPE, and custom-colored bottles are available for a 50,000-piece minimum with no purge charge. All of these new HDPE Boston Rounds are extrusion blow molded at Alpha’s Ypsilanti, Michigan plant.

For customers interested in recycled HDPE, Alpha can run custom orders for bottles incorporating between 25% and 100% post-consumer HDPE. The post-consumer resin is FDA approved for food contact. Minimum orders for recycled HDPE bottles are 50,000 pieces.

Beauty brands can also take advantage of the high quality decorating provided by Alpha’s Technigraph division. Deco tooling for the new line will be available to customers at no charge, and they may select a combination of direct screen printing, hot stamping, pressure sensitive labeling or spray coating/frosting to set their brand apart. (Customers will still be responsible for the cost for screens and custom artwork.)

Companies that buy Alpha’s bottles and Technigraph’s decorating services can order the entire package through Technigraph, with a single purchase order for bottles and decoration. Samples of the new HDPE Boston Rounds are available online.

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