Alpha Packaging introduces plastic jar line for legalized cannabis products

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Alpha Packaging’s new line of low profile HDPE jars provides a new packaging  solution for companies in the 23 states in which cannabis has been legalized for either medical or recreational purposes. The low-profile jars are designed to mate flush with child-resistant closures (CRCs) from Mold-Rite Plastics, for a sleek and compact package. Alpha’s 2-ounce, 4-  ounce and 8-ounce jars fit perfectly with Mold-Rite’s 53mm, 70mm and 89mm CRC closures, respectively, for a sleek and convenient package that meets CRC protocol.

All three jars will be stocked in both white and black HDPE in Alpha’s new southern California stocking location. Jars will be sold by the full case, and will be available with very reasonable minimum order quantities.

The HDPE low profile jars are suitable for any product that requires child-resistant packaging, including legalized medical and recreational cannabis products, iron supplements, pain relievers and other OTC products. They can also be used with standard continuous thread (CT) closures for household chemicals, automotive pastes and waxes, and personal care products.

According to Marny Bielefeldt, Alpha’s vice president of marketing, Alpha developed the jars in sizes that match up well with the typical cannabis amounts allowed by law in those states where it is legal. Alpha also worked closely with Mold-Rite Plastics to design packages that exactly match the width of Mold-Rite’s new 70mm and 89mm CRC closures. The jars have wide shoulders and a deep neck dimension to accommodate the width and depth of the CRC closure.

“There are very few child-resistant, rigid packaging options with wide openings,” Bielefeldt says, “and having jars wide enough to accommodate 70mm and 89mm CRC closures is an advantage in this emerging market.” Bielefeldt said the October timing of the product launch is ideal, since Oregon just joined the states of Colorado and Washington, and well as the District of Columbia, in legalizing recreational marijuana sales. “This total package solution will meet the needs of legal dispensaries of both medicinal and recreational cannabis products.”

Samples of the HDPE low profile jars are available for qualified businesses and can be ordered from the Alpha Packaging web site (

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