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For high-quality honey packaging that will certainly be eye catching on the shelf, Alpha is a solid supplier choice. The company's wonderful range of PET honey bear bottles perfectly fits the bill for quirky food packaging that will also satisfy consumers in terms of durability.

The use of PET as the main packaging component is ideal for highlighting the texture of the product and making it look appealing. With a standard 38-400 neck finish, the bottles are easy to fill.

There are four different sizes available to suit the needs of the brand. Since the net weight of honey is different to that of liquid ounces, each bottle size translates to a different net weight in honey for convenient purchasing.

The bottle options available are:

  • 5oz bottles hold 8oz net weight of honey
  • 8oz bottles hold 12oz net weight of honey
  • 11oz bottles hold 16oz net weight of honey
  • 15oz bottles hold 24oz net weight of honey

If brands are keen to customize their honey packagaing, this is possible with the 8-ounce bottle. There are three styles of this size available, including a bear with no label panel area, a one-panel bear, and also a bear with two panels. This packaging can also be decorated with a black nose and eyes to give an authentic bear design - perfect for attracting customers. The other size options are available with a double label panel.

Contact Alpha Packaging for further details or to request samples of the PET honey bear bottles.

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