Without Water Containers, We're Kinda Left High & Dry

Altium Packaging understands the profound and essential impact water plays in our daily lives, and "let's face it, without water containers, we're kinda left high and dry." Trivium Packaging comes through.

Available in large or small formats, Trivium water containers are designed with the highest quality, durability, and optimum weight in mind. From water cooler containers to refrigerator-friendly bottles, they offer patented ergonomic handles and materials that support a wide range of color options.

Refreshing options from 8oz to 5 gallons. Trivium has a surplus of excellent packaging for usage at home, in the office, or anywhere water containers can be conveniently located to satisfy thirst.

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EcoPrime can now be used in packaging for fatty foods and spirits

Envision Plastics confirms that the U.S. FDA has issued a letter of no objection regarding the suitability of Envision’s flagship product, EcoPrime, when used at levels up to 100% in HDPE packaging for fatty foods and spirits under FDA’s Conditions of Use A through H. The FDA letter makes EcoPrime the only post-consumer recycled HDPE resin for which FDA has granted a favorable review for use in packaging all food types up to retort temperature conditions.

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