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Vague de Fraîcheur Selects Glencoe Twist-Lock Aerosol Accessory from Aptar Beauty + Home

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With Aptar’s twist-lock actuator, consumers are delighted about the capability to lock their deodorant and throw it into their handbag for on-the-go use. The new Glencoe system from Aptar Beauty + Home can be locked securely with a twist and was recently selected by Vague de Fraîcheur for their new elegant deodorant packaging.

Aptar’s Glencoe twist-to-lock design is playful and intuitive. The actuator has been designed to emit an audible “click” when opening and closing. Because of the twist-lock hoodless design there is no chance of losing the cap. The orifice remains exposed in an open and locked position. The high quality look is also one of reasons Vague de Fraîcheur selected Glencoe.

Glencoe combines a sleek profile with broad finger pad for comfortable and convenient actuation. The two-color option also enhances brand differentiation. Multiple spray insert options are available for Glencoe including the AT (antiperspirant) version.

The design works well on assembly lines and fits the industry standard one inch mounting cup. The twist-to-lock design of Glencoe is in line with Aptar’s portfolio of twist-lock actuators including Moritz, Vail, Runway and Glide by Aptar Beauty + Home.

The eye-catching design and dispensing experience of Glencoe is suitable for Personal Care and Home Care packaging applications.

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