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Proteo: The Next Dispensing Revolution for Flexible Packaging

  • Aptar Beauty + Home
Beauty, Personal Care, Personal Care, Hair Care, Primary Packaging, Bottles, Tubes, Dispensing Closures, Taps, Flexibles, Pouches, Flexible Materials, 10 - 99.99 ml, 90 ml, 3 oz

Our new Proteo platform is for Personal care marketers, who want to grow their sales of on-the-go products such as Hair Care, Body Care, Baby Care and Sun Care.

Our flexible dispensing package holds 40 to 90 ml for up to 5 uses and is initially focused on meeting the unique needs of consumers with smaller more convenient reseal able dispensing pouches from trusted brands that are easy to travel with and are affordable for the target market.

Unlike expensive rigid bottles or flexible tubes, our pack is fully empty able, fun and available right where you need it!

Proteo is a totally new-to-the-world product format that will enable brand owners to gain the loyalty of new consumers, complimenting their current product offering and increasing product usage, occupying an intermediary price slot in the market.

Proteo will create a new kind of consumption, offering just the ideal amount of product to be carried in all circumstances, helping marketers tap into the growing “onme” trend.
Use it, close it and put it away!

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