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Aptar Beauty + Home, a custom partner for IOMA’s personalized cosmetics

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Sleek, refined design, unique, high-precision application: Aptar Beauty + Home helps promote the pioneer of personalized cosmetics by tailoring its packaging solution Serumony to IOMA, the expert in custom skincare.

To create Ioma In.Lab – a real miniaturised laboratory – a new technology was needed to deliver an extremely precise dose of the active ingredients. IOMA chose Serumony by Aptar Beauty + Home: this revolutionary little container can deliver the hundreds of 0.07 ml microdoses, accurate to the nearest 0.001 ml, which added to the base helped create a MA CREME formula (out of over 40,257 possible combinations). In just 1 min flat. An innovative experience. A unique collaboration.

An exceptional design.
With Serumony, an avant-garde technological pen, Aptar puts its name to a groundbreaking packaging innovation. Modern and elegant, its unique design evokes surgical precision and is infinitely customizable.

An original application method.
With a simple press, Serumony dispenses just the right amount of product for an optimised, precise, clean, and measured application without wastage. It offers a real sensory experience through an original application method with intuitive ergonomics and surgical precision.

Airless packaging.
One of Aptar’s major priorities is to offer perfectly secure solutions: thanks to its airless technology, Serumony ensures the formulas are perfectly protected through a watertight cylinder. Its alpha70 pump guarantees ideal compatibility between formula and pack: no metallic components are likely to come into contact with the product, so all the active ingredients are preserved for improved effectiveness.

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