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Aptar Beauty + Home offers Clarins innovative new packaging for the 8th generation of its legendary Double Serum

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A technological gem.

If Double Serum is unquestionably the Clarins brand’s iconic product, it is because it is made up of the best scientific and technological formulas. On the one hand, a double hydric and lipidic formula, highly concentrated in plant active ingredients (20 in total), which offers skin effective anti-ageing and radiance results; on the other, an innovative technological pack to preserve these ingredients and optimise their effectiveness.
An innovation developed exclusively for Clarins by Aptar Beauty + Home, after a long joint collaboration and research process with the Clarins teams, which offers a unique delivery system guaranteeing the purity of each formula. It triggers the mixing process and delivers, in a single pump, just the right dose of the double skincare to apply to the face.

Intelligently studied with a patent filed, the push button can also be simply rotated to offer the consumer a different dose to match her needs, while controlling the amount of the two formulas each time the product is used.

Cutting-edge synergy to enhance the consumer experience

By choosing Aptar Beauty + Home, Clarins is renewing its trust in the group and its innovative teams to enhance Double Serum’s formula and play an active part in this unique skincare product’s success.
These two beauty experts have come together to allow consumers to enjoy a new beauty experience: in addition to its enchanting fragrance, its double formula offers an ultra-sensory cream/oil texture that makes application a delight... All the senses are stirred.

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