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With Auriga City, Aptar Beauty + Home puts Uriage’s new anti-ageing range under high protection

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Uriage chose Aptar Beauty + Home’s Auriga City airless solution to effectively protect its AGE PROTECT range, whose multi-action formulas combat both the signs of ageing and external aggressors (pollution, stress, blue light, etc.). A logical step as it needs to preserve highly sensitive formulas intended for fragile skin.

Compact and practical, the Auriga City airless solution guarantees excellent delivery of skincare formula, including dense galenic forms, without the slightest admission of air.

Featuring an integrated lockable on/off system, it can be easily carried while providing protection for the formula.

Refined, modern and ergonomic, Auriga City elegantly reinvents airless dispensers, offering a wide choice of decorations. Age Protect thus stands out with its on-the-go format and streamlined design.

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