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CLEAN Reserve chooses Aptar Easy Clip Card for Avant Garden Collection

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CLEAN Reserve, the pioneer of simple and eco-conscious fragrances, is pushing the boundaries of olfactive creations and green chemistry with the launch of Avant Garden Collection by CLEAN Reserve. 

The latest fragrance collection from the CLEAN Reserve brand merges the structure of a traditional clean linear eau de parfum with a luxurious niche approach, designed to transport consumers on a fantastical journey. CLEAN Reserve's Avant Garden uses the finest ingredients grown and harvested responsibly from a farm in the South of France—with an added playful twist. 

"The sustainable flowers from the farm in the original CLEAN Reserve collection have morphed together creating a fantastical world where two unlikely notes blend together in a lush, secret garden," said Greta Fitz, VP Global Marketing & Product Development, Fusion Brands America, Inc. "Each fragrance is comprised of two unlikely notes where together they make a magical, beautiful fragrance that has never before been experienced."

CLEAN Reserve is sampling the Avant Garden Collection using Aptar’s Easy Spray and Clip Card.  Easy Spray is Aptar’s most widely used sampler, with a metal free product path, discreet dip-tube and available in 1.5 and 2ml. The design of the product allows it to be attached and securely locked to a decorative card (so there is no risk of accidental priming) and no longer requires placement in the middle allowing for multiple samples in one card.  Easy Spray with the clip can also be used on cards of almost any shape and in a range of materials. 

The samples were developed and filled by Beauty-Fill, a full turnkey solution for packaging and filling beauty products, with a specialization in fragrance and perfume samplers. 


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