Olfactive neutrality: Dispensing technologies that foster olfactive creation

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Brands nowadays, are faced with the challenge of providing dispensing that ensures the integrity of the contents. Indeed, most dispensing technologies have components, which, through mere contact may modify the perfume. Especially the metal and plastic components (balls, springs and capsules).

At the other end, consumers nowadays are more tuned in to fragrance creation, making them increasingly demanding.

Reliable dispensers that protect the sacred novelty and uniqueness of their perfume’s signature have become paramount. Brands are now more than ever the guardians of their ‘juices’ composition and integrity. It is a distinctive asset for their market positioning and recognition, beyond all the media campaigns and the aspect of secondary packaging (bottles, folders, boxes, etc.). The unaltered blend is where the true value lies, where the emotional link between brand and consumer originates.

That is why, to preserve the purity of the perfume, the choice of dispensing is key, as the perfumer Antoine Lie testifies, “It is up to the brands to select a spray. It is very important to choose well so that the original creation remains untouched”.

La petite

A new generation of sprays, like La petite, provide perfect olfactive neutrality – meaning that the fragrance is never in contact with components that might modify even the most subtle notes of the perfumer’s original creation.

Listen to the perfumer Antoine Lie who tested La petite’s spray with some of his creations:

The right dispensing system provides an added benefit for the end consumer experience, as the fragrance remains stable; the quintessence of the original creation.

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