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Sterile Filling: a Crucial Priority against Bacterial Contamination

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By Laurent Dodet, CEO and Co-Founder of Pharma & Beauty Group.

At a time when “preservative-free” products are in high demand, filling poses a crucial challenge for product manufacturers because the process needs to protect the formula from the time it is packaged. Learn more about our solution to ensure product integrity before it hits store shelves.

Preservative free means less automatic protection

The biggest enemy of cosmetic products with few or no preservatives is obviously bacterial contamination. Without drastic precautions when filling and packaging, bacterial contamination is inevitable and irreparably alters the formula’s organoleptic integrity and threatens its safety. As a result, industrial processes similar to those used in the pharmaceutical industry must be adopted, with rigorous practices to guarantee sterility at each step in a fully controlled environment.

Externalizing for better control

Given the industrial challenge, many companies have chosen to outsource product filling and packaging. Adapting the processes in terms of equipment, expertise and quality control across the entire production chain is a steep investment. This is why as a manufacturer and contractor we have developed a groundbreaking patented innovation to ensure total sterility of a preservative-free formula.

Fully airtight packaging working in synergy

It goes without saying that all of these precautions to ensure the integrity of filling and packaging would be pointless without a fully airtight container. In this revolution towards preservative-free formulas, the container plays a key role in terms of protection. The entire value chain – from formulation to filling and packaging – must work in synergy. 

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